Animal Services Offers Spay Neuter Vouchers for Cats and Pitbull dogs



Winnebago County Animal Services will participate in World Spay Day by offering a two-tier spay neuter voucher promotion to Winnebago County residents who own cats or Pitbull dogs starting Tuesday, February 21 through Saturday, March 4, 2017. Obtain a voucher at Animal Services during business hours and schedule the surgery with a local veterinarian.

Tier 1: A FREE Spay/Neuter Voucher will be available to Winnebago County residents who qualify as low-income and own a cat or a Pitbull dog. Residents must show proof of household income, show a photo ID with their Winnebago County address, and bring proof that their cat or Pitbull dog is current with a rabies vaccination and county rabies tag. Voucher must be obtained from Winnebago County Animal Services from February 21 through March 4, 2017. Limit one voucher per household.

Tier 2: A $25 voucher will be available to Winnebago County residents who do not qualify for the low-income voucher because they are slightly above the household income requirements and own a cat or a Pitbull dog. Proof of a current rabies vaccination and county registration, plus a Photo ID showing you are a Winnebago County resident is required. Offer good from February 21 through March 4, 2017. Limit one voucher per household. A limit of 50 vouchers will be available for Tier 2.

"Spaying and neutering by a certain age reduces or even eliminates the chances of reproductive cancers,” says Dr. Jill Sullivan, Administrator at Animal Services. “It also helps reduce the number of animals that come into the shelter.”

Winnebago County Animal Services also offers a year round spay/neuter voucher program for all Winnebago County residents who qualify as low income. Details are the on the website at under the Other Services tab. Vouchers for the on-going program are $20 each.

In 2016, Winnebago County Animal Services performed 1322 spay or neuter surgeries on adoptable animals and issued 438 spay neuter vouchers to low-income county residents.

Spay Day USA was first created by the Doris Day Animal League in 1995 to promote the life-saving benefits of spaying and neutering and reduce the number of homeless animals in communities across the country. The name was changed to World Spay Day after the promotion spread to other countries.

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