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** All adoption fees subject to change.

Dogs (one year and older)

Spay / Neuter                       60.00

Vaccination / License           37.00

Preventive Health Care        53.00

Avid Microchip                      no charge

Total                                     150.00



Puppy adoption fees are based on a number of factors and may vary.



Spay / Neuter                       45.00

Vaccination / License           22.00

Preventive Health Care       18.00

Avid Microchip                     no charge

Total                                     85.00


Cats Over One Year of Age

Total   40.00


Critters                               $7.00

(Bunnies, hamsters, ferrets, etc...)


Golden Whiskers (cats or dogs 8 years or older)

Lonely Hearts Club (cats and dogs who’ve been with WCAS the longest)

            - Half off adoption fee

Sponsored by the WCAS Volunteer Auxiliary

ID Your Cat or Dog!

Use a rabies tag, microchip, or an ID tag with your name and current phone number.

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