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Companion Dogs for Veterans Program

Winnebago County Animal Services and the Vietname Veterans of America, Rockford Chapter 984 are proud to being partnering together for this great program! This program allows honorably discharged veterans from all branches of military to adopt a companion dog from WCAS! 


Disposal of a deceased dog or cat

Winnebago County Animal services provides the means to release your deceased animal at a low cost. Deceased animals go to St. Francis Crematory Services for cremation and disposal. We pride ourselves on the humane and caring methods we utilize. Once an animal is released for disposal, we do not re-release the remains.

Cost to release at the shelter

  • Dogs - $25

  • Cats - $15

Cost for an officer to pick up

  • Dogs - $45

  • Cats - $35

Owner Release

If you are unable to take care of your pet, and have exhausted every method to place them into a proper home, you may release them to WCAS. Once the release of ownership is signed by the owner, the released animal becomes property of our shelter.

What do I need to owner surrender/release an animal?

  • Current State ID

  • Must be a Winnebago County Resident

  • Must pay owner release fee

  • At the shelter

    • Dogs- $25

    • Cats-$20

    • Additional puppies or kittens- $5 each

    • Officer to pick up

    • Dogs or cats-$35

    • Additional puppies or kittens- $5 each


Low Income Services

Spay/Neuter Services

Please Click Here to view low-income Spay/Neuter options

Humane euthanasia

We provide humane euthanasia service for low income Winnebago County residents for pets that are ill, injured, or suffering. To qualify you must bring in your current State issued ID and proof of low-income (link statements, w-2's, paycheck stubs, or social security/disability statements).

Cost to release at the Shelter

  • Dogs - $50

  • Cats - $37

Cost for an officer to pick up

  • Dogs - $60

  • Cats - $55


Tours/Public Appearances 

Shelter Tours

Winnebago County Animal Services welcomes small groups interested in taking a tour of the shelter and learning about responsible pet ownership and animal welfare. Shelter tours include an overview of the shelter and the companion animals in our care, a tour of the adoption areas, and the spay/neuter surgery suite.

Tours are open to organizations such as schools, scout troops, boys and girls clubs, business organizations, etc.

Tours are available by appointment during our regular business hours and take about 60 minutes, depending on the amount of participation by the group. We prefer to limit groups to about 10-15 people with one adult per every five children. Children should be at least 5 years old. Tours are free; however, if you would like to donate items on our wish list, we will gladly accept them.

If you are interested in scheduling a tour for your organization, please call 815-319-4100.

Education Links

  • Bite Prevention from the Humane Society of the United States

    • (http://www.humanesociety.org/parents_educators/kids/kids/how_kids_can_prevent_dog_bites.html)



Winnebago County Animal Services welcomes invitations to speak to your organization about our responsible pet ownership, animal welfare, spay and neuter, local ordinances, bite prevention for kids and more. We can tailor the presentation to your needs. To best schedule your presentation, please call several weeks in advance at 815-319-4100.

ID Your Cat or Dog!

Use a rabies tag, microchip, or an ID tag with your name and current phone number.

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