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If you receive a letter or notification that your pet has been impounded, call and/or stop by to identify your pet as soon as possible.

Microchipping is strongly encouraged; it is a quick and efficient way to permanently identify your pet. When a pet is impounded we scan for the presence of a microchip. If we find a chip, we will call the microchip company and obtain the owner information. It is important to remember to update your contact information with your pet’s microchip company whenever the information changes. If no chip is found we will look for a county tag or other identification tag on their collar for owner information.

What do I need to bring to prove ownership? You can bring in any of the following to prove ownership:

  • County registration form

  • Current rabies certification

  • Proof of recent purchase or adoption

  • Adoption contract (if recently adopted)

  • State issued identification

Remember, only the registered owner can reclaim the impounded pet. If an owner is not able to come in, we do require a notarized letter from the owner allowing someone else to reclaim. The owner or authorized reclaim agent must bring in a current Driver's License or state issued ID.

How much will it cost to reclaim my pet?

Per (510 ILCS 5/10) Animal Control Act and Winnebago County Code of Ordinance Section 14-116 the following fees may apply upon redemption:

  • Rabies inoculation (if not up to date): $12

  • Reclaim Fee: $15-75

    • $15 first time reclaiming this pet and pet has a microchip prior to impoundment

    • $35 first time reclaiming without microchip

    • $50 second time reclaiming

    • $75 third time reclaiming

  • Public Safety Fee: $25 (for any cat or dog found running at large, this fee is applicable)

  • Winnebago County pet registration(If not current):

    • Dog altered: $25

    • Dog unaltered: $40

    • Cat altered: $20

    • Cat unaltered: $30

  • Boarding fees per day per type of animal:

    • Dogs: $12

    • Cats: $8

  • Microchip: $35



ID Your Cat or Dog!

Use a rabies tag, microchip, or an ID tag with your name and current phone number.

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